Friday, September 28, 2012

Pirates (Always) Pirates

Sometimes, when there's nothing better to do (than clean my house)
I look at old blog posts.

Yesterday felt a little meta when I found one talking about future digital archeologists digging thru the layers of the blogosphere, it linked back to an old post from Will's blog.

(greatest quote ever)
"Note to digital archaeologists of the distant future: Those cats could not actually has cheezburgers"

::side note, I've said it before, if you're not following Will's current project at "A Year Of Billy Joel", you're missing out::

I'm so off topic I've nearly forgotten the point of this post.

While digging thru old posts, I discovered I could look up history based on tags..which is why they're there in the first place.. They just don't make it very convenient. They've even changed the name of tags to "labels".

The number one tag used in this blog? "Monday Bunday" with something like 99 entries.  I've been known to dress up my pets. Next most tagged is "Community"... then not too too far down the line... "Pirates".

Of course Pirates.

All this to say... Today I opened my email to discover  this.. an invitation to audition for the part of a pirate. IN PETER PAN!

It's like my entire being has been waiting for this.


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DavidS said...

Yarrr! I mean, Yayyy!