Sunday, September 16, 2012

some things (rated R)

Tonight, for the first time since I moved into my house (nearly 3 years ago),  I'm going to bed with the doors locked. (well, other than that time I accidently locked TLS out of the house and he had to come in thru the window...)

I have an odd neighbour. She mostly keeps to herself... I'm pretty sure she's got some sort of developmental delay... but who really knows. Tonight, I was sitting on my couch when a man came to my door. He was very abrupt, introduced himself as my neighbour's brother, and asked me to come to the porch next door... I thought from the shortness of his words/manner that maybe my neighbour was sick, or had something important that she wanted to talk to me about, so I told him I'd be a second and went to get my shoes. He hollered at me "beer or wine?" and walked away without waiting for an answer.

I then entered into one of the strangest conversations/situations of my life.

The brother was the rudest, most foul mouthed person I've ever met... seriously. Twice I nearly just walked away from the foulness that came from him. After 30 minutes I couldn't take any more... and I took leave, saying the mosquitos were too bad for me... but before that happened....

he insulted my neighbour COUNTLESS times, insulted LOUDLY two other neighbours out for a walk, admitted it was the first visit to his sister in 42 years- he lives a few blocks away, insulted his mother, bad mouthed his niece, made fun of the clients from his job, mocked my neighbour's dead husband, called every person in his conversation "shit for brains" or "fuck hole", turned to my neighbour and sneered/said (about me) "I'll be having her later"- then turned and stared directly at my breasts while he talked about hockey, and then finally, asked me if I liked to "fuck around".

That last one? I responded with my "work voice" that he was asking a personal and inappropriate question, and he responded with "I'll take that as a yes then" and asked some other lewd questions/proposed we go back to my house..  I turned to my neighbour and said "I understand why you haven't bothered to invite him over for 42 years".

I'm a little shaken by the whole thing.

The doors are staying locked. He's sleeping on her couch tonight, after she told him he couldn't.

I'm thinking that her family situation explains why she's so odd....

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