Friday, June 27, 2014

facial contortions

It's cherry season in Ontario... they're just ripening, those first few trees. The sours first. Then the sweeter varieties.  We're still just getting the US sweet cherries at the grocery store and I've been eating them by the bucketful. I think I'm also dosing myself with some form of penicillin, I forget to put the bag away into the fridge and occasionally as I stuff another handful into my mouth I notice there's some fuzzy crap growing at the stem.

I'm eating them anyway.

I also just brushed my teeth, so there's that awful thing that happens when you combine toothpaste and fruit. Face puckering and mouth smacking.

I'm eating them anyway.

There's this "half a tree" that grows around the corner from here. For the past 10 years I've been picking berries from it. It's overshadowed by some other scrub trees (hence it being half a tree) in an empty lot.  There's this ongoing conversation with the man who lives across the street who insists that we only get a good crop every other year. This is year three of what promises to be an AMAZING crop.  He says the tree goes thru a cycle. I don't bother to point out the "last frost date".

Year three of an early last frost date, no late surprises killing off the blooms.

I'm changing my walking route every day now to check on those berries. This year I want to try some sort of preserves... not just eat gallons of them daily for the week, so I've got to be prepared! Maybe I'll even freeze some and make some kick ass pie for next spring's pie off.

I'm going to drown myself in cherries.

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