Monday, June 23, 2014


Dear diary.


So I've been trying this thing where I DON'T pull out my phone at every event/thing that I'm doing. Trying to further my "not be busy" resolution. Actually, trying not to feed into the thoughts that life is busy "look at me and all the cool things I'm doing".

Except I've noticed two things...

1) people still seem to think I'm really really busy doing awesome things. These are generally people who have children and or other family type things going on. I dont have those things. So if I'm not out doing something.... I'm laying around reading books and drinking beer. Or watching Netflix and drinking lemonade. Or all those at the same time.

2) if I'm not recording fun events to some sort of social media platform, I have no record of it... and it'll be lost to me soon. Come on brain, let's work on those retrieval skills shall we?

So, I'm back here. Recording. Like with those piles of old journals from the years before ...oh crap. I missed my own blog-aversary didn't I?

*continuing to type but hanging my head with the shame and laughing at the perfection of it*

Here we have it, a point by point recap of the past week, in no particular order.

-toooooooo much work
-a random trip to hamilton for the kloetenanny (fantastically fun company and great event)
-did NOT meet any single men due to my own stupidity.
-a visit to my library from another little library curator (they left a special little postcard in the library with their charter number on it)
-a house concert in my backyard with Ian Foster.
-a hike where I forgot which trail we were taking. .. resulting in mamma Mel learning she can indeed breastfeed and hike at the same time.
-my dog got hit by a truck at the beach... after he chased it for nearly a kilometer
-sang and played at a fundraiser for the player's camp program.
-campfire with people who are dear to me, baring witness to their boy getting tipsy for the first time.
-ordered the hitch for my trailer.
-celebrated father's day.
-read 2 books
-made some music with a friend
-ended some uke lessons for the summer
-booked a new uke student for the summer
-got pooped on by a bird while out for tea.

And a million other things.

Now I've got to go figure out what to do for that missed anniversary.

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