Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dream a little dream

I had a dream last night that I got high with this most random group of people. I've always been a second hand smoke kinda gal, waiting for it to be legalized in real life, so I was interested in knowing what would happen if I did smoke pot... thank goodness dream life cleared it up for me.

I remember taking my first hit... it was so hard to breathe it in, apparently my dream self had been given a special joint. Rice paper (the kind you use to make cold rolls) instead of regular rolling paper.
Getting the air to actually flow thru and deliver the smoke left me light headed from hyperventilating it in.
 I remember feeling like maybe I coul could let go, was this the pot? Was I high? 

And then i woke up (in my dream). 

What's this?
Dream self falls asleep when she gets high?
Dream self felt so relaxed. ..
Dream self's friends looked concerned.

"What? What's the matter?" I asked.
My friends backed away.

Turns out I murder people when I'm high in my dreams.
People who deserved it mind you,  but it was messy terrible stuff.. for some reason, dream self asked for all the details. For some reason, dream self had flashbacks to the events. Apparently dream self has a worse potty mouth than I do in real life.  

Then, when it was all said and done... I was allowed to "sleep it off" in my dream. There were no consequences. "Oh, it's ok, you didnt actually do it- you were high at the time".

I have got to stop watching Dexter before bed.

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