Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Is it moving day?

So.. my blogger account goes back to pre-google take-over days (coming up on eleven years of online babble). And yet somehow I've managed to keep it seperate from a google account. However, now I can't open it on my computer because my computer always wants to be signed in to some google account or another. I'm limited to posting from my phone.

I've discovered that I can transfer the blog over to a google account, but I'll lose any photos attached to it. Not so big a deal as with google's take over of Flickr (yet another account I've had since pre-google days and yet another random seperate account that I can't sign into) I lost my photos from the early blogging days (you know... back when you couldn't upload via Blogger).

I'm trying to decide if it's worth it. Is it time to start a new blog (oh dear God I hope not)? Is it time to make the migration?
Will I be able to figure out how to migrate my youtube and my itunes too?

Google. why are you making life so dificult for me?

Stupid first world problems.
Remember when my biggest online problems were whether the loofa sponge plants would get too big and pull down the phone lines in Togo?

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Tony said...

It's been years but my fuzzy memory thinks there may be a migration path to WordPress.