Tuesday, January 03, 2006


There's this crazy show that follows the life of people who need some serious help.. it follows the family thru a crisis intervention and... well really... I can't watch it. I get too upset.
It works documentary style, and gives the life of say... um.. a woman with a crack addiction.. you get to know her and you learn how her life has gone to uh.. pot? (sorry) Then it introduces you to the family members and they share how their lives have been affected... Then I end up in tears and it's just a messy thing.

Dear friends... I need you to perform an intervention in my life.

I have a problem
it rules me
it eats my money
it consumes my time
it drives others batty...

I like
(entirely too much)
to buy little outfits for my rabbit.

I need a hobby.
Some might say I need children or a husband.. (preferably both)

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