Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So this past weekend really surprised me.
I hadn't realized how dependent I'd become on my cell and text messages to get me where I'm suppose to be, or to help me find the people I want to be hanging out with.
Waterfront weekend was PACKED. There were so many people in town. So many tourists in town. So many fanny packs in town.
I believe at one point the quote of the weekend was "holy inter-racial dating batman", a pleasant surprise, one well needed for white bread Cobourg. ;)
Anyway, with the huge influx of people there was a slight overload on the cell tower. We need another here in town BADLY. Cell phones did NOT work! I was still receiving txts that were sent on Saturday morning... on Sunday morning. Even with a signal, I couldn't make calls. I couldn't even call 911. It was brutal.
On Friday night T.Lam and I were wandering around (searching for the schwarma guy... who apparently didn't come this year) (drat) it's the 'burg, so even with the 8 million visitors, you run into people you know every ten feet. We're standing at the foot of the pier, right by the Codeman's booth (aka the funnel cakes), chatting with some people, when some RANDOM teens? twenty somethings? decide to have a little fight involving a knife. I have ZERO tolerance for this sort of thing because of work, and it took everything within me to keep from marching up to them and wrenching the knife out of their hands... everyone around the area was amazing... super at the social disapproval... pretty lax on the calling the cops. I opened my phone... three bar signal... should be great! No... couldn't call 911. "ack timed out" and then went to "no service".
The fight broke up... the people melted into the crowd...
later I saw a cop wrestle one of the people who'd been on the fringe of the knife group... the kid was out of his mind.
But all in all it was an uneventful weekend, didn't hear of any other crazy reports from anyone.. so that's cool.
I'm still disappointed in my phone.
And in Bell.


T said...

yes indeed a fun filled for the cell phone not's because we have this huge mass of water that we live by. There's nothing keeping the signal in. What we need is another tower by the lake.

JKC said...

Try being in a "cell-free" zone for most of your weekend!! It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of ANYONE!! I'm SOO getting a land line as soon as I can!!

Anonymous said...

you have WAY too many friends! hey lesley, thanks for commenting on my blog. i don't know you really...just met you thru d-funk (that's my pet name for dalty) but hopefully we will meet again someday. go to sometime and listen to my tunes. yeah, cell phones + cobourg = shyte. i hear ya.
take care LBO.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant White BRED Cobourg... not to be confused with White Bread (as in White or Whole Wheat like the loaf)