Sunday, December 10, 2006

I don't know if I've ever posted my "life list". I know I refer to it often enough, and make additions to it everytime I think of something cool... One that has been on the list since it's inception, one that came to me after countless hours of midnight shifts in the group home... After countless re-runs of Andrew Younghusband's "Tall Ship Chronicles".
I loved that show.... It came on an hour after everyone was in bed, an hour before I needed to get moving on the chores, during the time of night where you won't fall asleep if you sit down.
Andrew traveled on the Picton Castle... And each week I jumped aboard with him.. I was there... Scrubbing those decks, exploring those crazy places, delivering school supplies to hard to reach communities... Grumpy at Captain Dan if he made "us" work too hard, wincing with pain as Andrew and others got their boar's tooth tattoos... Hungry when the weevils ate all their pasta... Ok.. I was addicted. (mmmm, he's adorable too)
I think that show might have put the pirate bug in me....

I heard on the radio yesterday that someone was swept overboard off the Picton Castle.
I hope they don't stop their sailing programs...
pray for the young woman too, they say she has a 36 hour window for survival, the water is warm there... I hope they find her.

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