Monday, May 07, 2012


I'll admit to a little bit of disappointment.
I thought I'd found a little spinning wheel well within my price range in pretty good condition, with all the little "extra" bits on kijiji. Sadly, the person was told it was worth much more than what she was selling it for- after I'd spoken for it at the original offering price.
The seller then dissapeared from conversation for a week- only to reappear and announce the price was now 3x higher...

I think the saddest part is, someone's going to pay that amount... when really it's only worth twice it's originally posted price.

Probably for the best... I should be using money for other things anyway.

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Cathy said...

"Sighing" right along with you. Oh money!...and oh people finding out they can get the beaucoup bucks and then some and jacking their prices! xo