Thursday, May 10, 2012

beatbox banjos

I know I've posted about CR Avery before... He was my favourite discovery at OCFF last fall, and he's sort of fallen into my regular rotation and soundscape in the house.

He doesn't have a lovely voice, I mean- he's got a voice that I like listening to, it's just not a voice that on first listening I think "oh, that's really great". It's more what's behind that voice.

At OCFF I went to a tiny showcase at the recommendation of a musician that has yet to steer me wrong. I sat down, a room set to take 15 or 20- there were 6 of us. That didn't stop CR. He went on to deliver this huge little showcase.
Huge little showcase.
So much emotion and energy in that little performance- 5 songs- I cried through about half of it.
I'm a crier.*

Some people have a gift of words, not of gab, but of the ability to take words and make them mean a million things at once... CR has it.

Not only that... but I'd never seen a beatboxing, banjo playing, hip hop, spoken word, keyboard harmonica guy ever before.

*on telling this story to travwho, he just said "oh, were people clapping?"... due to my problem of bursting into tears of happiness everytime a group of people start clapping in appreciation of something.


Cathy said...

...And he's doing a house concert when? Uh, huh...I'm being pulled in! John who?

Cathy said...

P.S: I'm a crier too! ;o]