Tuesday, May 01, 2012

a good thing

People look at me funny when I talk about how I hear sound.

Hearing harmonies before hearing the melody isn't normal apparently. I've spent a better part of the last four years retraining myself to hear and stick to a melody. I don't like it.
I spent a better part of my 20s learning to stick to just one harmony line. In a conversation this weekend I said "I just wanted all the missing notes to get sung".

Now I'm mostly confused. There is music out there with missing pieces, and sometimes I can fix it, and sometimes I can't. I don't want to hear the melody....

There is one good thing about the exercise of the past couple of years- my range has changed dramatically. I used to hold fast to my lower register- but now, those high notes are where I sit... I should sit down and see what my range is now.... Now to just help my brain fit those missing notes in up the octave without fear of my voice betraying me.

Anyway, people look at me funny when I talk about how I hear sound.... But I met someone this weekend who does the same thing. It was really lovely to have a short chat about the whole deal. Just a really good thing.

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