Monday, July 09, 2012

Beepity beep beep beep.

Sometimes my thoughts are so fleeting (flitting?) that in the time it takes for me to compose a thought, and open the computer.... it's gone.

That just happened. Luckily (?) I was reminded 27 seconds later.

Every 46 seconds the smoke detector beeps.
I've changed the battery.
I've blown the dust from it.
I've vacuumed it.
I've even tried a second brand of batteries....
to no avail.

It's been a week of trying, and last night I decided that I'd had enough... I was going to go buy a replacement. I took it off the wall, took the battery out... and 4 seconds later


from somewhere on the other side of the room.
From somewhere deep in the pile of boxes that I need to sort.
The boxes of goodness knows what.

There's nothing wrong with my smoke detector... there is however, something wrong with the smoke detector I had in my room on Ball St. that I packed away and never found again....

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