Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm feeling a little overrun with guilt this morning.
Last night's dreams resulted in enough material for 2 episodes of Dr.Who. Seriously, do dreams need to be this complex? After I helped send that woman back to the victorian age-  having taken over this other girl's mind- why didn't she record what had happened to her so we'd know what to do to help her in the future? And why didn't I study history better?

On waking I discovered that Jellydog wasn't in bed with me.

She was in bed with me when I fell asleep.

So, one of two things happened:

1. I got up in the night and put her down on the ground. I don't remember this. I only remember petting her as I fell asleep.

2. I pushed her out of the bed.

 (oh, did I mention I have to jump to get on my bed? Little pooch can't get up or down on her own, and she won't willingly go near the edge of the bed)

Sorry dog, time travel is dangerous business.

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