Wednesday, July 18, 2012

eureka (or) Jelly on the floor

I hadn't been to a NukeO jam since before Christmas because of my work schedule, so I decided to play hooky from a meeting that was happening on my random Tuesday night off... It was lovely to sit and strum with the group... I really do miss it.
I was driving home from NukeO with Bethfield telling her about my dream from Monday night and the strangeness of Jellydog ending up on the floor...

I told her about the two episodes worth of Dr.Who and how that was just a subplot to the real main dream, a play. I was trying to convey just how much detail I remember from my dreams.

"close your eyes, open them, blink them shut... all the detail you just saw? I see every bit of that detail in my dreams, I even remember the colour of people's shorts." Each scene... It's all there.

Then I started to laugh.

I figured out how Jelly ended up on the floor... and why she is so pissed off at me, sitting with her back to me and shying away (more than usual... her bad eyesight makes her flinch at every movement)

I'd been focusing on the time travel portion of the dream.. the subplot.
The dream was actually about a group of people putting on a play in an old gym/ fitness centre.

When I told Bethfield about the colour of people's shorts, I had a flash back to part of the play rehearsal/dream where I was to carry a child from the iron bistro table at the back of the room to the front stage for a musical number with people in painter's outfits. Only, I couldn't get the child to cooperate, so I grabbed a blue blanket and wrapped up this wriggly fawn coloured pug instead.

It was heavy.
and wouldn't stop wiggling.
So I just dumped it on the floor, and worried about my next lines.

I'm so sorry Jelly.
It's a really tall bed.

Meanwhile, Beth has me concerned that I'm now sleepwalking in addition to grinding the hell out of my teeth. She recommends I have a watcher at night.
I wonder if I should be sending some inappropriate txts as invitations.

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LStew said...

there's an app you can get to tell you if you're moving. actually there are some super cool sleep related apps. i'd google first...