Wednesday, March 30, 2005

the wreck and ruining

So a few days back I read on a CD liner a thank you to someone for "wounding [their] spirit with their words". "be ruined for the ordinary" Was a quote I read in University.. my memory fails me as to who's it was. And it got me to thinking... when was I first (if ever) so impacted by someone's words, that it touched me to the core and changed me... I'm not talking about taunting children; playground sticks and stones or off-hand comments sent by a bad summer job boss. But where something I've heard was so direct to who I am, so revealing about the world around me... that things stopped, scrambled, and started again with new character to the story.
I can think of maybe two or three instances in my own life where it's happened.
I'm sad that the people who created those moments aren't really a part of my life anymore.
then because it was a CD liner that brought the whole issue up in the first place I started thinking about songs, lyrics, that have ruined me.
No laughing.
thank you.
Grade six, somewhere amidst "worm at the bottom of the garden" , "run terry run" and "go tell aunt Rhoady" we lay our heads on our desks (at the prompting of Miss.Kingsly) and closed our eyes. She put on a cassette and we listened to a story of a lake that never gave up her dead. I spent weeks looking up large boats in the encyclopedia, tearful for the Edmund Fitzgerald.
Grade ten, Boy on a Dolphin "words inside" joined our family collection (as did Skydiggers "just over this mountain" ) suddenly I was out to save the world, cutting beer can holders, banning tuna from our home... (and wondering if Latin music could ever hand and hand with a banjo... )
Second Year Uni, some worship together live mix tape... "we want to see" (a song I previously thought was the cheesiest ever) At the end of the song, the music and band stopped... but the crowd kept going and going... I had visions of crowds of people who truly wanted to see Jesus lifted high... His Name being sung so loudly that NO ONE could help but hear and KNOW the truth... people falling to their knees.... I still get that vision.. and I start to weep.
few months ago, (ok, ok, I'm NOT stalking him, give it up guys) Aengus Finnan "fool's gold" I think it's called "war bride's waltz". Was listening to it. Had to pull over I was crying so hard... the idea of a faithful love....
last month, watched the Man in Black's "hurt" video (twice). Spent the whole night dreaming about the video and hurting people around me....


Anonymous said...

Ahh I love that video! And I love Johnny Cash! p.s. -> it's called "Hurt" officially. But now the unofficial title is "Pain". Hahaha, I love you Lesley!


Joey said...

That's one of the best post's I've ever read. You'll have a book contract if you keep it up.

I'll never forget:

Hearing and then singing "Here I am to Worship" for the first time, before the ad-nauseum overdoing of that great song.

Reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "The Cost of Discipleship" for the first of many times - especially the first page.

There are so many more I can't list them without going mad deciding on their priority by importance.

Thanks for giving me occassion to revisit memory lane.


L.Bo Marie said...

I had to give myself a limit to the first things I thought of in 2 mins. and I wasn't allowed to do it in order of priority... ohhh... that would be TOO much!