Friday, April 27, 2007

little green friends

I have a few new friends... I'll be checking in on them on occasion. Just to see if they need anything.

In celebration of Earth Day this year my house group decided they were fed up with the garbage picking up that generally accounts for the participation of their peer group. They wanted something a little different, soooo the suggestion was to see if we could plant some trees.
GI Nette called up the town to search out some options and low and behold! The town was in need of a few good men (and women) armed with shovels!

So, an army of tree planters was formed, and we marched together to fight global warming (and soil erosion). By the time the rain came pouring down we'd planted a little over 125 trees and had decided that perhaps tree planting was a new way of life.. at least for a few of us....

I'll be stopping in every once in awhile to encourage my little trees to grow... everyone needs some lovin'.

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