Saturday, April 28, 2007


So while the worms were drowning in my driveway yesterday morning, I dragged myself to my car... with the intent to drag myself to work....

Never before in my life I had a flat tire... So last week when my tire got a little soft and I actually had to go put air in it, I was a little nervous! One week later I was putting more air in it! horrible. And I don't want to buy a tire. (my new mantra)

SO, back to the drowning worms.

I walked to my car and the first thing I note:: my tire is not flat.
Thank you God!
I walk a little closer and the next thing I note:: there is hissing.
The rain drowning the worms is now pointing my ears to my tire... the rain drowning the worms is all over my tire....
The rain drowning the worms is now bubbling and hissing.... at a giant nail stuck in my tire.

It's ok... my mantra helped... it got patched last night.

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