Wednesday, April 11, 2007

oh those commercials... snort!

Ok, I love a good commercial. No, really, I LOVE a good commercial.
Catchy jingle? Witty hook line? Fantastic series?
I'm yours.
I lived for the new Brick commercials in the mid nineties.... I craved the Snapple Lady, I still rap out the 80's McDonald's ditty... (side note:: it was a compitition down in the states, they just gave us the song up here, also, I can't find any snapple lady commercials)

And now? I'm in love with the Mac guy (don't worry Dolly, you're safe).

But I realized I've got a bit of a problem.
Rather, I just realized - as I was talking with the Roomie about the way the MacBook prices have been coming down, that I have a big problem.

When I said;

I've been thinking about the MacBook for awhile now, but I'm afraid to get it because I'll have to relearn all the keys for Puzzle Pirates.


Fallen said...

Btw you can download all the Mac commercials right from the Apple web site. And I'm not sure why it would be any different on a Mac then on a PC. They keys are pretty well the same, except that there is no forward delete key (It's function + delete). And hey if all else fails you can always install Windows on a MacBook.

L.Bo Marie said...

lol... it's more the mouse....
I'm a two button and the scroll wheel sorta gal

Fallen said...

So buy a mouse... they're a pretty cheap add-on. The trackpad on any portable computer takes some getting used to.

Seeing your post just reminded me I need to download the new Mac commercial. I don't have that one yet.

Northumberland Independent said...

It took me only a week or so to adjust to the Mac settings.

I absolutely love it now and would never go back.

Dalton said...

Mac is the way to go!

The Mac guy is not.