Wednesday, April 18, 2007


ok.. feeling better, and, the "avoid the computer" experiment is over too. All is better with the world.

So much better... that I realise what I forgot to do... I forgot to write about the Hoot... Which is odd, because I'm pretty sure I blogged about it the MINUTE I got home last year... and talked about it incessantly afterwards... This year... it only got the incessant talk-up.

Hootenanny '07 was fantastic! A slightly different line up from last year, but with most of the old crew returning... missing was Oh Suzanna! and a few others.... but the addition of Jim Bryson made up for it....
So what the heck is the Hoot? Like the "good ol'days" music, groups of crazy people outdoing and joining in on each other's music, this is the best explanation I could find for what happened Good Friday night at the Lawless gallery...::

What: Carolyn Mark’s Western Hootenanny Revue. Why: It’s like an alt-country
Muppet Show hosted by a belligerent saloon mistress **

The music jumped and swayed, the people clapped and laughed.. there were kazoos of sorts.. there was yelling and stomping... there was a fawn, a gas mask, a circus, an eggplant, a drum, several guitars, mandolin, a saw, a bass... and people rotated from one to another in the fantastic dance known as the Hoot.

Sigh... 360 odd days to go till next year's.

**stolen from Urban Trendz Mag.

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