Friday, April 20, 2007


I like it when I get enough sleep... I remember my dreams, and while they still aren't as vivid as the "f.p.b." dream after Togo.... well... they are entertaining.

Last night I was in a hotel room with a group of my friends... and there were four distinct piles of clothing from the previous day's wear. These piles were huge. I'm talking more than 8 articles of clothes per day. Who does that???? And the piles had started to run into each other as I'd been flinging them around looking for two missing pieces of clothes... Two VERY important pieces of clothes.. they were needed IMMEDIATELY, I had someplace to be! One small black shirt and a ... black mask???

Did I mention I was Batman?

The rest of the dream had me sitting out front of my Grandmother's house, opening walnuts and letting out the 6 miniature bugs. Did you know that if you open the walnut they grow? But if you leave them inside to get out on their own they stay small?

Ah... dreams.. :)

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Anonymous said...

well leslie, i don't have anything to say about your dream...what could be said?? but i've checked out your pictures and noticed how beautiful you are with your beau, he's pretty yummy and your smile is radiant. also loved the "moment" with angus on stage, good memories. enjoy the day, put on your flip flops!
ronda (sheff) wicklam