Wednesday, May 23, 2007

lions and tigers and flies.. oh my!

ate my first... and second bugs of the season... gross.

I haven't been typing much this week, as somehow I've hurt my wrist! Even my pirating has been effected! How sad.
At first I thought it was another ganglion (sp?) growing in my wrist (funny cyst thing) but then yesterday when I cried trying to straighten my fingers I knew that couldn't be it.... I went to work and started calling around for a replacement... took me four hours, but eventually I was able to make it to the "fast track" health centre. Not sure why it's called the fast track, I was still there for 3 hours waiting to hear "it's damage to your tendons. take it easy for a week, immobilize it and drug yourself every few hours to get the swelling down." Funny, that's what I'd been doing for the past 3 days before I came in...
Today is better, the hand is still puffy, but at least I can move without screaming.

I am enjoying the experience of trying to do things onehandedly though... I planted some tomato plants, gathered some eggs, shaved my legs... and drove my car (standard) and I feel pretty good about it all.

Relay for life is coming up next week... anyone want to sponsor me????

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