Monday, May 07, 2007

to add insult to ... er.. no, just insulting.

I don't know who should be taking it worse... me? or the folk singers?

Today was my day off... Mondays are my ONLY official day off, I also get every other weekend. How did I spend this day? Mostly in my Pj's playing puzzle pirates... a little Jack a la 24, then off to my car to visit Dalton before going to my Dad's.

My car.

I walked to my car. The door wasn't closed properly. Which isn't normal, as my door frame leaks a little, so I'm always careful to close it fully. Also not normal... my CD case sitting on my seat. Also not normal, my sunglasses case sitting on the seat. Also not normal, my registration in the back seat. Also not normal, the console open.

Someone broke into my car!

And by "broke into" I mean, they opened the door... I don't lock it, I don't have time to get the window fixed were it to be shattered. I immediately opened the trunk... *phew* drum still there, CD player still there, Krazy Karpet still there. Nothing missing from the trunk. I go back to the driver's side... and tally the loss. One pair of sunglasses (3 years old) and $1.75 in Canadian Tire money (which I'd counted at the car wash the other day).
Not too bad.

So at first I felt violated... someone went into my space and took my stuff.
Then I was insulted.... what? they don't like my taste in music?


lstew said...

i love you.

Beth said...

haha, shall I bother to comment?