Wednesday, May 30, 2007

take a TRIP to the FALLS (holds out a foot for you to trip)

budum dum ching!
(that's right, wave your hands in the air, hit that air drum set)
err.. Dale D***s (name protected... but you know who I mean)
on a tangent before I've even gotten started.

no more are there to be "badum dum chings" after the often stupid things I say.. no no no... no more! instead in it's place... with a dumbfounded look, one is to utter "Dale D***s" in it's place.
After having dear Dale perform the real live drum kit hit after another of my profound statements.. I decided that the real thing was the only way to go... for days after, people would be "badum dum chinging" and then look at each other and say "too bad Dale isn't here for the real thing" or "where's Dale D***s when you need him?" After some time, this became shortened to "Badum dum ching... Dale D***s!" So in the effort to cut down our impact on the environment... or.. whatever... I've decided that the Badum dum ching is no longer necessary.

right right right.. this is a serious thing this here blogging world.
Down to business. The whole point of blogging today.

Most memorable moment yesterday at Niagara Falls....

When JMack stuck his arms straight out behind his back and tried to do his impression of a man being attacked by a bear... with his arms ripped off.... trying to blow a whistle on his back back


Jason said...

Wow! I beat the bus driver for your most memorable moment on the Niagra Falls trip... maybe the driving was so traumatic that it has been blocked from your memory?!?!?

lstew said...

you went to the falls and didn't come and say hi, or text and say hi?