Thursday, May 31, 2007

true that

in response to yesterday's post... yes, It's not quite protecting one's identity if you then go ahead and tag them in a note on facebook... BUT since these posts don't originate in Facebook, but in my one true love: the annon-sorta blogger, the king of "Badum dum ching" is safe and secure in his anonymity.

now.. to the point- and yes I do have a problem staying on task this month- Jmack pointed out that perhaps the most memorable part of the trip was NOT in fact his body flailing display of armless bear chow- but perhaps some other such event.

True.. Niagara Falls is beautiful.. the honeymoon capital of the world, and true one of my favorite parts was the power plant- in nerdly fashion- I learned more about power generation in one 30 min tour and video than I ever have before.... But perhaps the entire trip's memory could have been eclipsed by one single feature of this trip....

Sue the bus driver.

more on her later.. I have some SHELTER VALLEY work to do... (hee hee.. none too subtle eh? It's SVFF time again...

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