Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the cat

I'm here to tell you about the loss of a cat.
not just any cat... the perfect cat.

You see, our "Belle" has moved far far away (name changed for her protection), and her hubby travels quite a bit with work, and being as Belle is such a cat person she thought it wise to find herself a kitten to become her dear friend. Belle's mom tried to convince her to take one of their old decrepit cats to her new home... but being as they are eighteen zillion years in age... each. She thought it wise not to subject one to a 15 hour car trip ... nor to separate these long time friends.
(I interrupt this story here with a note about the family pets... they are all odd. For example, I often can't remember their dog's name... as it is so often referred to as "stink" - the dog who burps.)
So Belle took it upon herself to wander down to the cat sanctuary in her town, and picked out this pretty little kitty, and brought it home with her. It should be noted here that this cat sanctuary is the cream of the crop in kitty headquarters. Condos for the Kitty's, giant scratching posts... any home is likely to be a step down (as noted by my friend).
So the pretty kitty came home with sweet Belle, and they tried to settle into a routine with one another.... but it just wasn't meant to be. Something wasn't quite... right.

in fact... something was just a little too.... perfect.
It was the perfect cat....
It had no issues...
And so it was returned.

If anyone in the Franklin TN area has a cat with some psychological issues could you please leave me a message, and I'll hook it up with Belle?

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