Sunday, December 09, 2007

The young Priest (or) what to do on a Saturday night?

I visited the local Catholic Church this weekend. It was thru work, but I'd been contemplating going for a visit there for awhile, the timing just happened to be good.

Not much has changed there.
But a lot has changed too.

There's the physical changes, the building is older, the murals more faded, the faces I recognized have aged, as mine has too. There's scaffolding up, pews taken out, someone is trying to bring a newness to the old murals, holding the plaster back into place.
The same refrains are chorused, but the tune they are sung to has changed- I come from a straight spoken refrain background, but my last few years in the church the sing-song refrains had taken over... it seems the tunes they are a'changing (insert eye-roll here).

My visit brought up all sorts of strange memories, concerns, lifelong frustrations... and peace too. I love liturgy. So it was good to be back... BUT
here's the but::
There was one thing that occupied my mind the entire mass.

Part two will be added after work.....


Nixie's Mom said...

but what?

gosh, leave us hanging or what?
I'm waiting for the part you were adding after work....


L.Bo Marie said...

hee hee... I mean after work today!

but look at the title for a hint ;)