Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the best thing ev-er... or, sometimes I'm still a little slow

Tonight for dinner... I splurged.. both the calories, and the (relatively low cost... high when you consider I've been living off of cabbage and beans and sweet potatoes)(because I LIKE cabbage and beans and sweet potatoes)

This is what I had.

It tasted like heaven.
The package called it "stuffed scallop". (and here's the testament to the speed of my mind...)
the following is my actual thought process...

Oh! this is cute, it's some processed seafoody thing IN a shell! mmm, I haven't had processed seafoody type food in awhile....  (inspects the nutrition label) ... hmmm.. not too bad...
(proceeds to the checkout)
I wonder if there's actually scallops in it? or maybe they just called it that for fun. I'll have to google what type of shell that is.... it's got a scalloped edge to the shell...
scalloped edge? scallop? scallop shell?   

so, yeah... I'd never really thought about the fact that "scalloped edge" came from looking like the edge of a scallop shell... and.... I'd never bothered to check to see what a scallop shell looked like.
Yes, there was scallop meat in there.
and yes it was the tastiest processed food I've eaten in months.

Which leads me to Saturday morning.
On Saturday mornings at work, I watch home improvement type shows with the men (if they're awake) (oh heck.. I watch them waiting for them to wake up too).
We watch "This Old House" and the others...  at some point in the day, we switch to the discovery channel, and watch "Myth Busters".
So, on Myth Busters, there's a dummy that they use for all their stunts that might cause bodily harm to an actual participant. This dummy has gone thru so many reincarnations, and yet, he continues on... His name is "Buster"... and it didn't dawn on me until I heard the name of the new dummy ("Ted") why his name was Buster.
cause I'm awesome.
and my co-worker laughed at me.

But I'm ok with being slow.

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FrecklesandDeb said...

Sometimes the most obvious things escape my notice -- until I actually notice them, that is. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!