Monday, October 20, 2008

not quite the 4-H

In my haste to not lose my train of thought, I loosed it from the caboose, and left thoughts behind... or ahead... or at the very least... lost.

Remember how I always say I wish my life was a musical? And then I proceed to sing for the next hour (month)?

So, I may or may not have said: "theoretically" if one were to try out for a musical what should one sing as an audition piece? (and I may or may not have said that just a few weeks ago). But I'm here today to dispel any rumour, any thought to the contrary...

I did indeed try out for a musical. 
And I did sing "Patricia" at the top of my lungs, from the bottom of my toes.
And I was given a part in the play.
And I did decide to do it.
And I did go to the first rehearsal yesterday after first meeting a chunk of the cast and crew at the director's place for a little par-tay earlier in the weekend.
And that was a run-on sentence (though small)
And I may have much love for most of the cast/crew already.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Isn't this a strange turn of events ????

I thought there was a financial crisis and everybody has to work two jobs at least ...

FrecklesandDeb said...

Wow! What exciting news! A star -- that's what you're going to be. Have fun.