Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pony posted this, and I thought I'd take part... what are your thoughts on this for yourself?

So here's the dealio: I want to learn about worry. You can help by offering some info to me.

1. Why do you think we worry so much?
2. What do you find yourself worrying about?
3. What time of the day do you worry the most?
4. How do you combat your worrisomeness?
5. If you could spend time doing anything other than worrying, what would you do?

ok... my response was this.

Fear. or maybe pride? 
so prideful that I figure "well, my problems aren't worth God taking care of- I'll deal with it myself" which then results in something for me to worry about...I'm not saying that the thought is a conscious one or a decision, but just a general inability to let God do His job. One that I struggle with all the time!

2)what do I worry about? money. no- about the things that need money. Like rent. or more specifically- the mortgage I don't have. 
again, it's something bigger than the money. (or the mortgage that doesn't yet exist) it's the pride again... I worry that I won't be able to make it- to do well, to be self sufficient- I worry that I won't find the man of my dreams and I'll have to pay rent forever with a roommate who doesn't wash their dishes and too many cats, or have a mortgage that I can't afford on my own- and I'll fail and have to have help from someone... 
(** note** I don't have any money problems... far from it... it's just a needless worry)

3) What time of the day do you worry the most?  Evening. or, when I'm alone.

4. How do you combat your worrisomeness? 
oh, I don't. 

worry is something I'm really good at. I can come up with all sorts of spiraling pits of worry... worst case scenarios. I could write a doomsday book. it'd make millions from it's entertainment value. 
THATS IT! I need to write a book! That'll solve everything.

ok... so I like to delve into a fantasy world.... that's how I combat it for the most part.

and prayer helps. and getting involved in things bigger than my own little world.

5. If you could spend time doing anything other than worrying, what would you do? I'd really like to learn to sail.


Nursedude said...

1. Pride? Maybe envy or fear that we're falling behind or that our lives are not turning out as we had planned.

2. Work. Money. Aging parent.

3. No special time of day.

4. I don't combat my "worriedness"? I accept it for what it is and figure that as long as I don't get obsessed about things wory can be channeled into trouble shooting.

5 >Reading. I's love to sail again. learn to fly.

Rabbits' Guy said...

1. Why worry? - because things might not turn out right. Actually most of us have rules in our heads and they are from a time long ago and no longer pertinent but we still follow them and can never fully abide by them.

2. What to worry about? Just about anything!!!

3. When to worry? Real early in the morning when I should be sleeping.

4. How to combat worry? A. Get up and do something, anything, accomplish something. B. Practice mindfullness - be still in the very now. No worries there. I don't think bunnies worry much!

5. Do instead of worry? Hold a bunny!

PS, I have sailed - lots. It's ALL worry. What if the wind quits? What if the engine does not work? What if I fall overboard? What if I run aground? What if a whale surfaces under me? What if the mast breaks? What if it gets stormy? What if it gets foggy? What if my sailing mate begins to be unbearable? and so forth!!!