Sunday, February 22, 2009


I had several witty posts in mind today. 
but... my brain was eaten by hippies.

In case you missed the news, I'm in a play. 
my first.
well, the first that I'm IN... I've helped with plays in High School... I worked the second spot light- with my partner in crime "Grey" working the first. 
The circle is complete- I'm in a play, and Grey is playing in the pit band for it. The thought makes me smile- I like there to be symmetry. 

So yes, I'm in a play. Yes, it's controversial.
yes, there's swearing, sexual innuendo, over the top use of drugs, offensive dialogue- issues of race, wealth, gender, sexual content... nudity.
as in .. no clothing.

and at first, I had a big problem with that (the nudity).... but now, I think it's more the issues of race that I have a problem with... it's SHOCKING. The way some scenes are taken over the top...
I'm interested to hear other people's thoughts after they've seen the play. The number of parallels between the 60's and today- and I'm curious to hear "the talk". 
You know "the talk"...

and, at this point, I don't really care about the criticism... or the offense taken. I figure, you're an adult- it's a play- it's a statement about the time it was written in... I have to admit that when I first started rehearsals, I was worried- about how people took the play- that they would question me and my choices.. maybe even my faith... but... as time's gone by, it's something that's slid away. I'm having fun instead.

You probably won't hear too much from me over the next two weeks. We moved into the theatre today, the set was built, and we ran the show start to finish a few times. We'll be practicing every night now... People have traditionally called the week before opening night "hell week" ... (eeek, we open this Friday night)..  but I love this group of people. And I love what we're doing.. so instead, I'm calling it "Hippie week"

I know this is all over the place.
But so is my brain.
this is 1968 dearie, not 1948.... what have you got 1968 that makes you so damn superior, and gives me such a headache? 

I'm more frightened by the slide on the stage than I am of the audience.

by the way
yes, I go naked too.


Rabbits' Guy said...

We shall await the verdict and your report. I saw that play during its hey day and it had lots of messages and frankly the nudity scene was pretty ho hum for the audience's the music!

Good luck!

Ruth said...

I'm just hoping you don't slide naked. It couldn't possibly end well.

No pun intended.