Tuesday, February 17, 2009

yes, I've been slacking. Too many lovely little Uke tunes to learn. 
I even had the pleasure of a mini jam at the Bean this afternoon, Bobert dug his Banjo Uke out of the basement and I tried really hard not to be the perfectionist oldest daughter and played along. 
a very little bit.

so, the Corktown Uke Jam is far away. and despite threats of Uke burnings, I think that we should likely start up our own jam in the area. probably not as large scale or as organized as the Corkers.... but something that us 'Umberlands can get to on occasion.

Any takers?


Kevin said...

You make me smile.

Ruth said...

Over here! Look! My hand's up!

The Bunns said...

for pontouf? hand up...

too far to come .. will you u-tube?

Fez and the Gang said...

We can't play any instruments. Unless you count chewing as musical talent.

Also, that is one wonderful ear!

Mark said...

I'll provide the saxophone accompaniment.

L.Bo Marie said...

oh Mark! would you??? YAY!

Kevin, you make ME smile. That can be your thing, smiling. and looking like an airdale?

Rabbit Guy... no, 'Touf's going to have to join the jam.

Fez, gotta love the Flemmy ears, have you got some flemmy in you?

HAHAHAHA, my verification word was "stable"
hahahahahaha *whew*