Friday, February 20, 2009

meh, better late than never

So I realize I've failed already in my "blog everyday"  quest. But I'm ok with that. 
This year, when I added it to my resolutions for the year- it was more of an afterthought. and well, afterthoughts don't work out.

afterthoughts don't work out.

I'll have to remember that.
as an afterthought.

I've been "mini blogging" though. 
I'm an addict of the facebook status lines. Not only can I hardly wait to read what other people have written, but I NEED to update my own.

I've been thinking about it though.
The reasons why it's so ... I don't know... almost necessary to a degree.

People are always commenting on how busy I am... but.. I spend so much time alone. so .. I think that the thing I get out of status lines... is... "being alone together" (to steal a line). Even though I may have not even spoken to a friend all day- I've been able to share- or at the very least express- with maybe someone who cares- what's going on. 
Makes it easier I guess.

now, back to being busy.

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Doesn't Facebook, like, eat you alive? - timewise?