Friday, March 06, 2009

wash rinse repeat

so, after last Sunday, I lost my voice. It's only the second time IN MY LIFE it's happened. The first time.. just a month ago. 

I always get sick when I'm too wrapped up in something.  So, the constant late night reHAIRsals, combined with getting over some illness, combined with the smoke onstage... = me in pain. 
Dr.NoGood says it's laryngitis. 
I broke down and saw him on Wednesday- he didn't help much- other than to say "well, I guess you won't be singing". And, after some serious prompting, he gave me a high powered cough suppressant- I'd been coughing so hard I was throwing up, or unable to breathe back in.. very scary.

SO, here's what the past two days have looked like (well, other than a brief visit to work)

gargle with warm water, salt, and a crushed aspirin
drink a cup of "throat ease" tea
drink two cups of hot water with lemon and honey... and whisky
sip some cough meds (depending on what I need to do- high octane Narcotic or over the counter if I need to go anywhere)
take an Advil
oil of oregano drops
take slippery elm capsules.

repeat every 3-5 hours.
oh.... and no talking.

that's the part that's killing me.


The Bunns said...

Horrible! Hope it's a short mess.

Deb Cushman said...

How terrible -- hope your throat is better now! (The no talking would be the worst part for us!)

LStew said...

love, back rubbing, not making you laugh and back up supply of whiskey.