Tuesday, January 25, 2011

make the most of it

A toast!
To my favourite toast.
Growing up, somehow, my mom could time the bread just right- so it was coming out of the oven as we walked in the door. The smell would drive me crazy, and waiting till it had cooled just enough that she could cut off thick slices, and slather them in butter- left me drooling and hanging over the counter in the kitchen.

Sometimes I try to recreate those smells. I don't eat much bread usually... and the bread I do eat- I treat myself to from the Millstone Bakery in town... mmmmm. I really need to learn how to make just one loaf.

waiting for the bread to rise...

Hallelujah, It is risen!


worth the wait

This is my favourite bread, a Finnish Coffee Loaf that our family just called "Sugar Bread" growing up.... it makes the sweetest toast... I can't wait till morning!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Missed the bunns - busy. Great pix ... sure were teeny weenys.

Bread is probably gone by now - darn.

manda said...

You make very pretty bread! I made bread on Tuesday at work... only, I pressed a button and it magically made itself. In April when I'm living at my moms I think we should make bread, have said bread with cheese in wine in the hot tub (or maybe beer (or maybe both wine and beer (I have a lot of catching up to do)))Thank you for blogging again! I feel like I'm more of your life again, and I really need that.

L.Bo Marie said...

how about a beer/cheddar loaf? Hilda gave me a great recipe awhile back, I'll dig it out.

I miss you.

Kevin said...

Look at you with your Corelle Livingware "Butterfly Gold" butter dish!

Tres chic!

L.Bo Marie said...

Kevin- I think I'd like to collect the whole set. That's the only piece I have....