Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Bunday

Jelly is banished to the far side of the baby gate. A fair trade- usually 'Touff is behind bars...

is it safe?

Once the littlest girly started playing on the floor, we realized she and Pontouff were about the same (body) sized. eek!


*pay no attention to the pile of empties in the background!! I've been saving them for a bottle drive since July.... If they don't get picked up on this next round, I'm going to have to make the (shameful) trip to the beer store to return all the bottles. Actually... pay no attention to that back room... it's last on the list of repairs in the house- it's the old kitchen- currently the mud room/storage and junk catch-all.


Cltheroe said...

Poor Miss Jelly.
I'd feel sorry for her.

If she weren't a bitch.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Funday - Munday - Bunday.
Sunday too.