Thursday, January 27, 2011

based on actual events

The following is partly word for word, partly "close enough".
I'll let you figure out which part is which.

R: What about "x"?

M: put him on the list.

R: what about "y", would you date him?

M: (hesitantly) uh

R: why not?

M: I wouldn't say no if he asked me out.

R: That's all I wanted to hear.... I don't know if you've noticed, I'm not putting my all into this. I've got a vested interest in you staying single. Otherwise I have to share you. I think maybe we should just buy you a vibrator and forget about finding you a husband so we can hang out whenever I want".

M: *eye roll*


Clitheroe said...

I was going to ask if I was "X" or "Y", but then I realized how ridiculous that would be.

Obviously I would have been in the neighbourhood of "B" or "C".

L.Bo Marie said...

ha, were you listening in on the conversation?

the question was asked "if and if?"
of course I said yes.