Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tipping point

I was able to get away from work in time to join the Knitwits at trivia.
This season our team has been given some real competition. Last season our main competitors were team "mega deadly". Team "Aniston" was never a problem until the last few weeks- when they started to smart and added a few ringers.
This season, Team Aniston has added another ringer... and has blown us out of the water....

It was my first night back at the pub in more than a month- there's a group of us who've been going to the pub every Thursday for more than a year, but we finally had enough of the dirty room and terrible service and found another pub that suits us really well.... Tonight was a reminder of how much I dislike the service there.
I am a good tipper, more than fair... but tonight the miserable woman who has been our waitress hit a new low and missed out on the chance for her unearned tip. She rang thru my tab (a single drink) and rounded it up to the nearest dollar on the interac .... giving herself a seventeen cent tip.
For the first time in my life, I didn't tip.

first world problems.

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