Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I forced my friends into joining me for trivia night at the pub.
That was 8 (trivia) weeks ago. While we lost the first game, we've come in second or first nearly every night since. We're good.
really good.

well, let's be honest.... I answer maybe two questions each night.

I'm there to knit.

In the pub, knitting. It's the only night the lights are bright enough in there to knit.
Let's face it, one can only drink so much coffee or tea in a week, a gal needs her pint with her needles!

this was NOT a pub project. my first lace piece. I had to be able to count and read the pattern for each line- pub knitting is for plain socks.

Did I mention our team is named the "knitwits"?

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