Saturday, January 07, 2012


so, I've realized in the past year... that the number of social networking sites I'm involved in has tripled.
if not more.
and, I realized that a number of sites that I've used over the past few years that were NOT social networking sites... have changed their focus and become SNS.

this isn't a huge problem, except for the fact that in that space of time, they've been bought up, or consolidated with the big online players... and now I've got something like 4 different google related accounts, 3 yahoo (which are connected to google), and a few other oddballs.
where's the problem?
well, now that they're all connected- I have to sign out of one to get into the other.
where's the problem?
I can't figure out which sign in goes with which password.
And some of the accounts are so old, that I can't change the password without access to the email account they are attached too... except that, there isn't an email account, because some older accounts were grandfathered in....
for example... my flickr account.
now run by Yahoo... is not attached to a yahoo email. my yahoo email was a work account back in the day, and back in the day, I just signed in using my user name.... BUT, it thinks it's being smart by finding my username (my legal name) attached to that old defunct email account (that email was closed as I no longer work for that org- and I never attached the flickr account to the email address), and insisting that my flickr user name (from before it became a yahoo account) can't be changed without use of the yahoo account...
oh my, it makes my head spin.
that, and I have to sign out of gmail in order to use my youtube account, because my youtube account is attached to a different email provider. I'm sure there's a way to change these things...
I'm just annoyed that I have to... and that I have to spend time looking up how to do it.

because I honestly can't keep all these accounts straight anymore.

this wasn't what I was going to blog about tonight. I was going to write about "super size me" and my flu bug.
but when I was signing in, I realized that my account for blogger was the same as my youtube account info.. but that the two weren't related (yet)

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