Saturday, January 14, 2012


Cam was very tasty, a little stringy- but he was a different breed than the type I've bought in the stores all my life... that, and he was 27 weeks old- verses the 8 weeks factory chickens live out.

Picked up my two new little hens today- I think I picked up the wrong two! I was suppose to get one splash, and one blue, but ended up with two blue. I think the other lady who was part of our "chicken carpool" was suppose to get two blues.

I was too excited to even think about it when I picked them up... maybe I'll be going for a drive in the morning.

it's -24 out right now.... everyone is tucked snugly into a cardboard box with a blanket over them for protection... the boxes are actually quite warm, I stuck my hand into cheeper's box- I could feel heat in the box. very neat.

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