Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I didn't bother to write about the changes that have happened in my place of work this year.

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Thank you Thumper.

However, some big changes of my own design are about to happen starting next week, so a quick recap is in order!

-I worked full time for organization A
-decided I wanted to buy a house, so started working full time for organization B also
-bought the hobbit house, left B.
-A moved my job to a different town
-I've found a new program within A to switch to, bringing me back to work in the 'Burg

Pluses to the new program?
- Working with an amazing team of people
-supporting a very interesting situation
-bike distance to work. (I can retire that car which no-one wants to steal)
-I can sleep in my own bed every night
-I'll get more than 5 hours of sleep
- A cut in salary
-further bike distance to work than what I had before I was moved out of town
-hours that seem to be all over the map.

What does this all mean?
-I'll be more fun to be with because I'll like my job so much more
-my body will like me
-I have to give up a number of the activities that bring me joy due to my work schedule....

I worry the two may cancel each other out at first.

New year, new things.

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