Saturday, June 02, 2012

1000 lb challenge update!

I've been on blog hiatus- The weather! the GLORIOUS weather! Honestly, I'm tanned like it's July... May was very very good to me and to my garden.

backtrack: May 31st and I have two tiny tiny tiny tomatoes on my tiny tim plants!
1000lb challenge you've nothing on me... so long as I remember to weigh my produce.

Tally thus far?*

Spinach: 600g

Hey, that's over a pound! WOO WHOO!

What's in the beds?
Bed 1: Garlic, beets (gold and red), rainbow chard, tiny toms, habinaros, eggplant, peas, spinach


Bed 2: Green Beans, mini sweet peppers, sweet alsort (peppers), carrots (purple and nantes), soy beans, brussles sprouts, ground cherries (cape gooseberries), tomatillos, basil, onions.


Speckled Roman (paste tomoato), Groseille (current tomato), Sun Sugar (BEST EVER cherry tomatoes!) in the front bed.

Strawbales: cantaloupe (something keeps digging it up though), spaghetti squash, buttercup squash, Fedierly (a weird paste tomato that is suppose to be a good all round variety too), Black Cherry toms... and space for the mystery tomatoes. Oh! and another Tomatillo, and a broken tomatillo from yesterday's storm- I dug up the root ball, it had three leaves below the break, we'll call it an experiment .

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