Saturday, April 28, 2012


I'm in the process of saving up some money to do some more rennos in the house.
The most pressing? The bathroom... the tiny pit known as the bathroom.

See, when the house was built (in 1867) there was no bathroom... just the main house, 20 or 30 years later, someone attached the "summer kitchen". And when the house caught up with society, the summer kitchen was split in half lengthwise to add a bathroom. What does all this mean? Well, I moved the kitchen out of the 7x12 space that remained- and put it out in the dining room- it's great, there are still a few pieces to finish, but I love that it was moved... and the bathroom sits in a 3.5x12 space. 3.5? oh yeah... it's a 3/4 sized tub, a pedestal sink, and a toilet that isn't friendly to people with long legs.

The biggest issue with the bathroom, aside from the fact that it's unheated and was built with midgets in mind- is that the 3/4 tub has a giant rust spot that is nearly a hole... AND the previous owners pained the tub to hide it... twice... badly.

Here is where our hero enters... I have a friend who can fix anything and has a heart of gold... he spotted a replacement tub at the ReStore- brand new! For 1/3 of the price of the tubs I'd been pricing out online.

So, bathroom rennos are one step closer.


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Cathy said...

Oh anyone doing renos makes me excited! Congrats on being one step closer Lesley! I second your YAY!
Renos are always two fold in that they are difficult to live through, but so exciting as each change for the better begins to unfold! :o)