Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I used to get annoyed when I'd have to make the change between instruments, the down time.
Then I watched a live recording of Neil Young. 15 minutes of setting up his harp neck rack.
"I've got this down!"
Then this time when this guy dropped his beer in the middle, and I just kept making beats and blowing the harp, waiting for it to come back together.
like when everything is going well, then something falls apart and you're just trying to hold it together.

*begins next song, banjo... harmonica*

a pause

Damn Bb.
This is the wrong harp.

Somebody, drop a beer.

a little sampler of what you missed..

what a great guy. seriously.

And, best version I've heard of his Boxer Returned From London... I've listened to it a few times online, this was the first time I felt I was getting the full story.

A little bit of swoon... boys in suspenders, get me every time.

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