Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time flies

I'm sure that the term "time flies" is the most over-used phrase in the world of bloggers. Mostly as it refers to the times between when we blog... the ever lengthening times when we don't blog.

I used to feel bad about not blogging, like I'd somehow let myself down. It's not the case anymore- I just feel better when I do take some time to sit and think about what I'm seeing around me. Processing time?

Today is rather worth marking (or rather, worth remarking about)...  it's the blog's 8th birthday... and my how we've changed....  today is post 1482. I wonder what things will be like when this blog celebrates it's 10th year..


A first dash of spice....

Now people are going to think that I've started a cooking business... or even a recipe site... nope, sorry to dissapoint you.. the parsley (of course) comes from a little run in with a young lady named Jaymie... Jaymie sat in the back of her mother's car one day desperatly trying to remember my name... from the back of the car I hear "umm, parsley, will you play barbies with me?"
end of story...

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