Monday, June 11, 2012


This weekend was one of the lovely moments that just don't come around enough.
Saturday was filled with markets and long time friends... the perfect type of saturday, followed by dinner with friends who are family...

Sunday was magical.

I spent most of the week watching the weather forecast for this Sunday. We'd had rain and thunder and lightening nearly every day... but there was one day of clear hot sun on the forecast, and I knew it was going to keep on shuffling around until it would finally settle on Sunday... I was right. Thankfully.

14 friends gathered in my backyard, lights twinkled, food was shared, music swept us up. It was perfect. I wish there was a way to make every house concert happen just like that.

I'm listening to my new Paper Beat Scissors album right now... it's lovely.

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Cathy said...

Sounds wonderful...making a pact to be in attendance for one of your lovely concerts! :o] You and your concerts on my "to do" list for the summer!...fall and there after! xo
I have some catching up to do!!! : ]