Monday, June 04, 2012

spinny and green

guess what?!
Crazy Kijiji lady had a no-show on her spinning wheel sale and contacted me..... and dropped the price back down.... and now I'm in the possession of a single treadle lendrum wheel!

While I haven't had a chance to actually spin anything on it yet (what with the amazing weather and the market work- more on this in a moment) I've spent some time sitting just treadling, getting used to the feel of a single treadle and the ins and outs of this wheel. She's lovely. Really lovely. I actually find there's a smaller "dead zone" on this wheel vs. the Ashford traveller I've been using- that space where the treadles won't move the wheel- I was quite frustrated with the Ashford's dead spots. The only downfall with the single treadle, I have to give the wheel a push by hand to get it turning in the direction I want- with the double treadle, so long as I wasn't in the dead zone, I could start it off the right way with just my treadling.

ok, geeky spinning wheel story over.

Market stuff!!

I've teamed up with the handsome men from The Victory Garden   and they're letting me use a corner of one of their tables to sell market bags (crochet ones and sewn double sided shoulder bags) and produce bags (made from mesh- as light weight as those nasty plastic bags from the grocery store produce section, but reusable).. I'll be occasionally selling worm tea kits and worm composting kits too.... So fun! In exchange for the table space, I'm hoping to help out when needed in the garden harvesting and bagging for the market.

Some spending money that I feel really good about!

Not only that, but the Victory Garden is the same garden I was working in two summers ago! It's so nice to see that it's being loved ... I can't wait to show you some before and after pics!

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