Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Yes, ninjas....
I love my ninjas... Have I ever told you that before? Well, it's true.
What is the significance of a ninja? Well, that lies in the duty of the ninja... I'm talkin' evil-butt-kickers here... ninjas using their most powerful ability to fight evil, stomping on satan with powerful meaningful authentic prayer.
Yesterday I was in a heated discussion over the definition of "authentic". Needless to say I'm not much of a confrontational person, I'm sure you've seen me back down before, but yesterday I was pretty much ticked. Probably one of my most annoying habits (other than the oft heard "concentration whistle") is the fact that I expect people to be able to read my mind... Sometimes difficult I know because I never follow one line of thought for long, I have to jump back and forth. Everything in the end IS connected, and I just expect that everyone has followed along for the ride. So, that said, I wanted to talk about the end product of a ministry to include "relationships" or rather -the ability to develop relationships that held meaning. So the whole argument included what a meaningful relationship was... Apparently "real relationships" didn't cut it, but "authentic relationships" did. UNTIL an hour later someone started to say that "authentic" wasn't the right word either...
What then is "Authentic Prayer"? It's what going to kick satan's butt! Bringing concerns and praise before the throne of God, knowing that He has it all in control, and giving it to Him....
I praise God because if it wasn't for my "prayer ninjas" things would have been super rough while I was working with Watoto (click here for more on Watoto). But because I had people DAILY lifting me up in prayer ~ I survived!
ha HA
I just figured out how to make links on my page! HOW FUN!
ok, that's all for now.
Ninjas? Have you started your training?

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Joey said...

Les - People argue about words on that level for three reasons:

1) They are running a national commercial or political campaign with a very specific message, most of which is lost on the general population
2) They need to remove the pickle/cucumber from their ass
3) They don't actually understand the words they are arguing against.

It is most often the third reason.

Hey - cool coincidence - I know some Wycliffe Bible Translators in Burkina Faso (which borders Togo). They are working with the Turka people. I imagine you'll be in the southern end of Togo (near the capital Lome), right? But if you're not and you're in the north, you won't be far from my friends in southern Burkina Faso. Cool!

Love the blogging, hun. Keep it up.