Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the email that doesn't end....

I love my church...

this is an email that's been "replied to all" to the pastor, worship and sound team at church over the past few days... enjoy!
oh... start at the bottom...

from Pastor::
RE: July 8th

You do not want to know why they call me the Great white hunter...

My neighbours are still in therapy...


from Pony::
RE: July 8th

Woah, that’s deep

From: Les
Re: July 8th

lol... no... it was "and"
Parsley Seasonings

From: pastor
Re:July 8th

And "A" was for attitude?

Subject: RE: July 8th

prayer AND "L" "m" was "missional"
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From: Pony
Subject: RE: July 8th

So if you were stuck on the L, what’s the P & the A?

From: Les
Subject: Re: July 8th

wait wait wait wait....let me get this right... "great white hunter"?????
that's you scott??? fttflshtmsohn... (lesley falls to the floor laughing so hard that milk spits out her nose..) (and she hasn't even drank milk in a week)(much more effective than lol)

oh goodness, I love acronyms. haha... did I tell you about the time I tried to tell some friends about our church using the "oasis" acronym??? except I was certain it was "palm" (as in the tree... because you find those in an oasis....) I got stuck on "L".
ps. there was a trade, I'm on sound the 8th (it's written on the back of my hand) Rob and I switched.
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From: Pastor
Subject: Re: July 8th

Maybe the message that week can be on how to live without a tony for a week?

Great White Hunter...

From: Les
Subject: RE: July 8th cheeks?Les
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From: Jon

Oh Ok then .. I say we through a party that sunday!!! ;) HeHe ..


From: Pony

Hey All:I just wanted to let you all know that I will be away on July 8th.



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